68W GaN Charger

2022 GaN Technology | 2C+2A Multiport Layout | Interchangeable Plug

Best Selling GaN Charger from Artellia features an interchangeable plug system for global travel (Embedded US + UK + AU + EU) and an informative plug info list that can be accessed via QR Code on Product. Its powerful 68W output allows MacBook/PC + iPad/Tablet + iPhone/Android fast charging through its 2x USB-C + 2x USB-A ports.

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Ultra Portable,
yet so Powerful.

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68W Multiport 2C + 2A

As the vast majority have more than one device to charge on a daily basis and most of our devices are either USB-C or USB-A connections, our design gets the best of two worlds. USB-C provides high power, laptop-grade charging performance and USB-A offers smart fast-charging for our smartphones and wearables.

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25% Smaller than Non-GaN Charger

Charger size is crucial during travelling across countries or daily commute between office and home. When compared to the existing 68W charger, our design is 25% smaller in volume and 30% lighter in weight. A true portable charger that fits in your palm.

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Interchangeable Plug System

Advanced plug system design with foldable US prong allows efficient and hassle-free changing of plugs to adapt to various countries' charging standards. (UK, EU, AU plugs included in the package)

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QR Code (Plug Info)

Users can scan QR codes on the charger with smart devices to access the plug information in a swift. Providing great convenience to users while packing gadgets.

US Plug (Type A)

Embedded in Product*

China, Canada, United States, Japan, Mexico, Thailand etc.

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