Power + Data Cable

18W High-Speed Charging | Type-C to Type C | Type-C to Lightning | Braided Surface

Support iOS device data transfer and charging at the same time. The high-density braided cable is resistant to bending, protects the outside of the cable from scratches, and increases the life span of the charging cable.

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Type-C Braided Cable

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Data Transfer

Transferring data between devices is crucial for productivity, especially when backing up our devices on a regular basis. Not all cables in the market can transfer data. Artellia cables provide high-speed data transfer via type-c while charging your devices.

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18W Charging

Artellia cable is able to charge your devices and gadgets with up to 18W via type-c connectivity. It is compatible with most PD/GaN chargers available with a type-c port.

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Type C to Type C

Perfect for your PC / Laptop / Macbook / iPad Pro, allowing data transfer between these devices effortlessly when charging in the background. Its braided surface is scratch and tear-resistant, up for any challenge in various working environments. 

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Type C to Lightning

The best companion for all your Apple iOS devices, such as iPhone, AirPod, Apple TV remote etc. Providing data transfer between PC / Laptop / Mac and iOS (Lightning) devices. Keeping one as your everyday carry will be the smartest choice you made.

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Cable (Type C to Type C)

 Apple iPad (Air, Pro) / Macbook (Air, Pro) / Android / Samsung / Huawei / OnePlus / Oppo / Xiaomi / Pixel / PC / Microsoft Surface etc

Cable (Type-C to Lightning)

Apple iPhone / iPad (Air, Pro)/ AirPod Pro / AirPod / AirPod Max / Apple TV Remote / MagSafe Battery Pack / iPod / MagSafe Charger etc

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C to Lightning
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C to C
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