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What do we stand for?

The company name "Artellia" is derived from the word "Atelier", a studio where talents and professionals gather to create extraordinary pieces as their contribution to the world. In Artellia, we strive to do more. By combining technological improvements and human-centred design, we are determined to contribute to our world with well-designed products.


Our creations should convey a vibe - a message that warms your heart in a cold winter just like the cup of coffee in the image.

Team Artellia

The team is gathered for a common goal and an aligned vision. A professional team with talents focusing on smart product design and technology and has years of experience.


Our mission is to deliver products that are not only thoughtfully engineered, but poetically crafted, to our most respected customer -  you.

Yes, it is a stock photo, but no, we are not a scam, our office is just a little messy and our team is just camera-shy.

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